Just below, you will find Wes Corbett's workshop handouts and soon, your mixed and edited recordings!

Guide tone worksheet.pdf Guide tone worksheet.pdf
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Type : pdf
Leather britches (easy).pdf Leather britches (easy).pdf
Size : 82.48 Kb
Type : pdf

Jill Robbins with Mike Munford.mp3

Tyler Gingrich with Mike Munford.mp3

Sheng Wu with Mike Munford.mp3

Robin Suskind with Mike Munford.mp3

Jim Natwick with Mike Munford.mp3

Abbe Tiger with Mike Munford.mp3

Don Stephens with Greg Cahill.mp3

Michelle Haft with Greg Cahill.mp3

Mike Harrison with Greg Cahill.mp3

Max Schwartz with Greg Cahill.mp3

Mark Byrum with Greg Cahill.mp3

Cheryl Moredich with Greg Cahill.mp3

Melissa Bowden with Charlie Cushman.mp3

Dave Ehlert with Charlie Cushman.mp3

Danny Crabtree with Charlie Cushman.mp3

Tristan Scroggins with Charlie Cushman.mp3

Craig Docherty with Charlie Cushman.mp3